I’ve been married for 16 years. At first we had sex all the time and just about anywhere. It was great. Recently my wife started acting strange. She’s gets loud when we’re out, makes sexual comments very loud for attention and a few years ago I caught her sending nude picks with her ex as well as a co-worker.

We have kids and have somewhat worked through those issues but sex has become stale. She would demand things a certain way. I have to kiss her on the back of her neck, I have to give her a lot of kisses around her neck area and I’m always on top. Now I have tears in both of my shoulders and long periods of time on them causes me great pain, but she doesn’t care. Sex is what she says, how she says and when she says. Its not enjoyable at all for me. Most of the time she rejects me or doesn’t respond so over the past year I’ve just stopped trying for the most part. Now just this weekend she picks a fight with me saying sex is mechanical and feels like its something I’m being forced to do…WTF? Really?

I told her, its what you demanded. How you want it, when you want it, and she NEVER initiates it with me or gives me attention back.

What the hell am I supposed to do?