exwife had a baby with another man while married
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exwife had a baby with another man while married

My ex wife had a baby with another while we were married and I did not find out until 2wks ago, we did a DNA and it came back neg. My ex and I are in NC and have been divorced for almost 2yrs, she wants everything including alimony, I don’t think she should get anything she wants only what I feel she needs, I am devastated, as he will always be my son I raised him but it is heart shattering to find out your wife at the time layer with anther man had his baby and led me to believe it was my son, the son I always wanted. then to find out the biological father was married to at the time and had a 2.5yr old child who was very ill as well. I am devastated beyond all, I am at a loss for words, then I am just now finding out that, that was not the only time she cheated on me, I treated that woman like a queen, she got whatever she wanted when she wanted it, why would she do this to me why would a woman do this to her own son, how can she hurt people like that it don’t make no sense, someone please make sense of this for me….. what do I do, he will always be my son I raised him yes but I am shattered

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  1. Real Deal

    Here’s the problem. You raised him for 2.5 years and as far as he’s concerned you are his father. Its not the kids fault his mother has issues.

    I suggest you get a good lawyer and fight for your rights. If you want to still be there for the kid then you can always set up and trust for him that you contribute to. Perhaps you can have something put into the divorce papers allow you to have communication with the child?

    The first thing you have to remember is you need to take care of you first. Some people just use others and think they can keep doing it. Fight for yourself.


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