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Over it

We’ve been together for 15 years, 5 kids (4 are his) and a shit ton of frustration later im ready to file for divorce. First I want to state I only legally married him to get onto his insurance when finding out baby #4 was on his way, in no way had I ever planned on marrying him simply because I didn’t want to get married, ever, my choice. He’s a lazy husband and father. He nit picks over EVERYTHING, I feel like I’m married to a cranky woman. He has no motivation to do anything, he works, but that’s it. I work too, Im sick of doing and being everything around here. He doesn’t take care of himself because that takes effort, and he’s too lazy. He’s a liar on top of it and that is a HUGE issue to me, if I can’t trust you then I’m done. Im not even physically attracted to him anymore, just looking at his face enrages me… I tell him I’m not in love with him, I tell him I want him to leave and he just brushes it off like Ill be over it in a few days, he thinks just because I’m not yelling and screaming that I’m ok with him, that’s not the case, I just refuse to carry on like that around the kids and I’m civil for them not because I’m ok with him… he lives in this denial… because god forbid anyone knows he failed his marriage.. as long as he can make it appear ok on the outside it doesn’t matter what’s going on inside… Im not fake like that, if I don’t like someone, they know. I’ve been trying to stick it out for our kids but I’m so miserable I know it can’t be good for them either… I just want him out of here, when he’s home I go in our room because I don’t want to be around him because I can literally feel my blood boil… I just want to be happy, I just want to be a happy mom… I just want him gone.

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  1. Real Deal

    This messed up from the start.

    You got pregnant with baby #4 and since it was his and you wanted his insurance you decided to marry someone you really didn’t want to be with?

    Have you never heard of birth control? Condoms? Seriously you’re frustrated after 15 years of you making a bad decision to begin with?

    How about this, keep your damn pants on and don’t screw the first jackass you meet?

    Really whats the point here? You want advice? Well that’s my advice.
    You want someone to help you understand what happened?

    You made a bad choice and decided to get married for all the wrong reasons.

    You can spend the rest of your life trying to put the blame on him or you can grow the hell up and realize you, yes YOU made a bad decision followed by more bad decisions.

    You get no sympathy here, you had four damn kids with someone you claim is lazy and worthless. Seems to me you found him good for something and if you’re really not in love with him then why the hell are you still having unprotected sex with him? Sorry but I think you knew better either before or shortly there after baby #1 on what type of person he is.

    You can either work on your marriage together or you can file for divorce and leave him. Either way you need to grow the f**k up and realize you’re no better than him. You married someone for their insurance? Sure you work but don’t have insurance? Seems to me you married him for more than insurance and that makes you a gold digger and could really explain why he’s decided to become lazy. He mine as well get something out of you for his money.


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