My husband is such a horrible person
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My husband is such a horrible person

I absolutely 100% hate my husband. I think about killing myself on a daily basis, not because I’m depressed I want my life to end, but just to get away from him. The circumstances right at this moment make it not possible to leave, what plans are being made. I have to see his face every day and he is literally my worst enemy. I’ve never hated anybody so much. I seriously hope he choke’s.

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  1. Jon

    Dear Guest writer,
    please understand that no matter how disgusting your life may feel at the moment , it is not worth ending it! There is always an answer to your problems , no matter how horrid they may seem?
    Have you tried to sit him down at the dining table and discussing how and why you feel like this about him?
    If he loves you ? He will listen. There is no need for violence or heated discussions. Just plain old conversation between two adults.
    I feel that discussing your problems with him and airing your thoughts would open closed doors and possibilities to you. If he can sit and take on board your feelings then great…and hopefully he will be able to change what it is that is causing your disgust? Failing that, you will both be able to move on peacefully as two adults and restart your lifes? Another possibility is mediation? Good luck


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