Caught twice trying to visit with a massage parlor
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Caught twice trying to visit with a massage parlor

I caught my husband messaging someone off Craigslist for sensual massage back in October. Found a debit on his card from a massage parlor that’s known to offer happy endings in January. Don’t know what to do or what to feel. He swears the first one dismissed end up happening because I got home and swears the parlor he went to only gave him a massage and nothing more. Not sure if I believe him.

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  1. marie2

    oh boy. Are you giving him oral sex a couple mornings a week? My husband loves that and would be miserably unhappy without it. If your not doing it…start…like tonight. tell him get in the shower first then go to town and massage him and tease him and give him a happy ending. If your not doing it then hes probably craveing it like crazy. Its just sex hes paying for, he doesnt love or care about those girls (prostitutes actually) If he caredf about them he wouldnt pay to use them and not give a shit about all the men who use them. Sounds like he is craveing oral sex. Most men do. Id let it go and start giving him oral. Whats done is done and no amount of fighting or crying is gonna undo it. If he did actually cheat on you. Its done now. Pleasure your man. They live for sex.

    1. Liz

      That’s terrible advice. If he needs something he’s not getting he should communicate that to his wife like the grown adult man he is, not go out and get it from a prostitute. He is being utterly disrespectful to her in addition to putting her at risk for STDs.
      If I were her I’d leave him and find someone who deserves my blow jobs.


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