Crazy wife destroyed PS4
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Crazy wife destroyed PS4

My bitch of a wife and I got into a fight last night because she gives our 2 year old son everything he wants, and he is getting poised because of it. This morning, she decided she wasn’t coming on our trip to take my son to see Thomas the Tank Engine live with my parents, because “being in the same room as me makes her physically ill”. So I grabbed our son and started heading out, and she told him “your father is a piece of shit” followed immediately by telling me “I don’t love you anymore”.

Feeling snarky, I said to him “hear that? Your mother doesn’t love us anymore”, which I admit that I should not have said. We head out and I go to put on our sons shoes, and she comes out holding my PS4 and a bottle of water saying “this is what you get for telling my son that I don’t love him”, and dumps the entire bottle of water into the disc drive of the PS4. She believes she was totally justified in doing this.

I can’t take this woman anymore… but I can’t leave my son…

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  1. Tia Bia Ely

    Damn, heated fights are the worst, you shouldn’t have said that though. Apologize, she will say sorry too…

  2. Brenda

    Yeah, letting your son see how the two of you “interact” with each other is soooo much healthier for him then divorce. Using your child against each other? Well isn’t that special…I’m sure your son will grow up to be a fine functioning human being!
    Here’s a thought, why don’t the two of you grow up and be responsible parents and set a good example for your son instead of being immature and selfish.


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