Posessive wife
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Posessive wife

My wife is very posessive. She doesn’t let me hang out with my friends cause likes me to spend every waking moment with her and her dumb kid. She gets really mad when I talk to women that are more attractive then her. And if I do anything to mess up our schedule she blows up at me. I am sick and tired of this and every time I try to reason with her she tells me she done and does the packing her bags crap. I want her gone but I’m afraid she will do something dumb and end up homeless or dead. What can I do to change this?

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  1. Wolfman

    Why is her kid dumb?
    Very juvenile thing to say about her child.
    She should leave you so you can be single and go play games.
    You’re not husband material.
    I’m very sure you are insecure and that’s why you like to chip away at her self esteem.
    Hope she finds a man who wants to love her and her child.
    You’re not worthy.
    Now run along and go play outside.

  2. marie

    I am sorry to hear this and you should be able to hangout with your friends you need your time to yourself I get your mad but saying her dumb kid was a little harsh he or she is innocent all of this
    when you married her the kid came along with her and I am sure it was not easy I dont know the situation with the kids father but anyway it sounds like like you want to work it out try and talk it out I guess oh and as far as she dont let you go out its called walking out the door and going with your friends I hangout with my female and male friends I will never told what I can and cant do

  3. marie2

    Grow the hell up. Your married. Your in a relationship with a human being who has relationship needs and feelings. Respect her before she really does leave you and you end up with some stupid girl who doesnt love you and cheats on you. She is your queen bee. Any woman who loves you will be this way if your disrespectful like you are.

  4. Brenda

    She’s being controlling and manipulative. Being married does not mean giving up the life you had before, it means adjusting it. Each of you need a certain amount of “me” time, whether that’s going out with friends or shopping or sitting in a park. It’s healthy to be away from one another as long as it’s not in excess. Packing her bags every time she gets mad is manipulating behavior, not to mention immature. Calling her child dumb is mean and childish. Sounds to me like you both need to grow up a bit, get your sh*t together, and really decide if you want to continue to “play house” or be in a real committed adult relationship.
    Sh*t or get off the pot!!!


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