My sister stated my husband (when intoxicated) makes statements to her that make her feel uncomfortable. She can’t tell me how many times this has occurred just that it has happened. She has only told me: he told her he thought she was very sexy and pretty in her teen years. She has even told me: he tried to get our older sister to set him up w/her even though she was married. Still as a young bride at 17. We weren’t married at the time. I was married to someone else. She states, him and his friend (which she has stated tried to attack her: one night while they both were intoxicated) stare & grin everytime she passes. She states, she doesn’t trust my husband or his friend. I have been married to this man for over 25 yrs. He seems to get angry when I talk to him about the incidents. He stated he will never go back to her house or even talk to her. My husband has been unfaithful one time: that I know of and I wouldn’t have known about it if he hadn’t told me. My husband likes to socialize and so does my sister. I have no BFF and my friends are my co workers.(Which I don’t socialize outside my job) I love my husband and my sister and they both are pretty honest with me. My husband is in his mid 50’s and i’m 50. My sister is 47. I know my husband loves me because he tells me everyday more than once a day. He will not leave our house without kissing me bye and telling me he loves me. I feel childish writing this but at the same time. I need someone outside of the box opinion. Thank You J