Wife weighs over twice as much as when we met!
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Wife weighs over twice as much as when we met!

My wife was thick when we met. She had a pretty big butt and was soft in her stomach area. She was 5’4″ and weighed about 160. Several years and 3 babies later she’s still 5’4″ and last year reached a total of 373 before “slimming” back down to about 350 or so. I professed to not be bothered by her weight gain when it first started, though I was hesitant to fully embrace it. I always liked chubby girls but I always hoped I’d not end up with a fat wife someday. Then it happened. For a couple years it actually embarrassed me but now I embrace it. I’m glad I have a fat wife now. I welcome people’s looks of disapproval and when I see her dominate a second slice of cheesecake for dessert I get excited. I’m not into her gaining for the sake of gaining, and I would be in her corner if she ever lost weight (she has before and I supported her, but she gained it all back and then some).
In her circle of friends, not only in she the only fat one, but the distance between her and the other women is immense. It excites me to see her with her friends. I’m proud of her. Oh, and the sex is mind blowing.
I know I may be an exception here, but for me her weight gain has worked out. I wouldn’t take an ounce off of her.

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  1. Robert

    Well good for you. That is a nice thing to say. When I met my current girlfriend, she was a size 4 and had an hourglass figure. Now she looks like a tree stump with a flabby ass. Do I care? Yes. I wish I could be you. Thanks for the post man.

  2. Brenda

    That weight is so unhealthy, sugar is so bad for our bodies. You’re a great guy in accepting that women (and men) may put on a couple extra pounds as we age but for the sake of her health and longevity, she needs to lose some of those pounds.


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