HELP.. Confused With MIL actions
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HELP.. Confused With MIL actions

New here and hope a Mother in Law here could help me with understanding my MIL actions. Wife and I live with her parents at the moment. We are building a home. My MIL walks around all day in pajamas dress. When I’m around I have noticed that she likes to sit across from me and hike her pajamas to reveal her major thighs, sexy thighs at that. Times she likes to bend over in front me and when she does her bottom butt cheeks are visible. I don’t know if her intentions are on purpose or if she’s just comfortable around me. So one day I decided to pay her back. I put in some loose shorts with no underwear and sat across from her. These certain loose shorts when sitting in a particular position will reveal my penis and balls. I took my phone out and started recording her to see if she would glance or stare once she would notice my bare penis and balls. I recorded her for about 5 mins, never looking at her directions with eye contact. When I stopped recording I went to the bathroom to check out what I caught. To my surprise, once she noticed. She never keep her eyes off my penis. It was clear as day on the video at what she was staring. So now I’ve noticed that she’s makes sure around me to show more of her legs to the point that I can see a hint of her underwear when she sits across me. So Now I’ve been thinking of how it will feel to have sex with her. I’m too scared to come out and ask for fear that I’m thinking and feeling wrong if her actions. So I guess what I’m trying to find out is if she trying to hint to me that she wants me by her actions. So if there’s a MIL reading this, please help understand and how to proceed.

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  1. Jon

    She is testing you. Besides , what about your wife? Your future in your marriage? You will be haunted by it if you nail her… Don’t give in to temptation. You have a choice! Do it and risk your marriage, your wife gets the house and you end up with the MIL sex nightmare for the rest of your life. Use your imagination and don’t give in…wish you luck.

  2. Dystonic Rxn

    Although the allure of being wanted probably feeds your ego and lust, the consequences of acting out on this type of behavior whether reciprocated or not would be the ultimate dagger in the heart of your marriage. How could your wife ever forgive you and her mother for this ultimate betrayal when not if she should find out.
    Don’t do it my friend, rent a furnished apartment if you have to.

  3. the dork187

    .i have been where you are one of my ex girlfriend had a milf it start out as jokes then dirty talk then a night out and a bj if your wife mom is married she mostly likely is not.but if she not married she possibly is trying to get down your pants just to let you know it don’t end well lol . And you are perfectly normal thinking about your wife’s mom like that…


  4. Post author

    Wow!! Really appreciate the feedback and upon reading your comments. It’s has scared the crap out me to try to pursue. Although I am going to talk to my wife and mention to her if she could have a talk with her mom about her wardrobe of preference while we are staying with her and Hope it helps out with my temptation as well. Really glad I came across the site forum.

  5. Brenda

    To even think about having sex with your MIL is such a betrayal to your wife!!! Sitting around in your underwear so your d ck purposely hangs out in front of your MIL is in a word, juvenile! Grow the eff up!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!


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