He’s an absolute LOSER!
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He’s an absolute LOSER!

I can’t believe I can hate someone as much as I do him. So he had me falsely arrested and while in jail closed our joint account and basically starved me for a month. This is one of a million. This absolute waste to my realization basically married me at 18 played house when I was around and the whole time was putting me down behind my back to anyone who had an ear for 15 years. I feel absolutely like shit that I wasted my youth. It drives me insane. When this waste of a life has me arrested he said to me in private afterwords I’m keeping the kids and now you have a record so it will prove your bad and I’m not. I could scream to the point it would shatter glass yet I hold it in. Like a moron I stayed at home trusting this bastard who acted accordingly at home then like himself when I wasn’t there. Now I am not in a position to leave or honestly even afford a lawyer. I pray he dies so me and my kids will be rid of this manipulative monster. It’s not as simple as is seems but even thinking about absolutely enrages me. I’m such a sweet, nature loving person. It so irritating this low-life even crossed my path. Married 15 yrs. I was loyal, sweet, and caring. I still am. I just truly , truly wish he would die. People like this are what make good men who try look bad.

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  1. the dork187

    Hang in there my first wife when we got a divorce ..I had lots of money great job a lawyer .She had nothing but guess what she was book smart bet me and win with no lawyer she didn’t ever have a roof to call her own …But it work out for the best now she got her life together and a great mom to our kids she got them in the divorce …What I learn work on your self..Do it for your self and your kids will see it .😀you can do it ..Head up don’t need stay mad use your agree to drive you in pushing forward. just because you got throw in jail. Don’t mean shit don’t let it stop you from been a great mom and person .The world maybe knock me down but this bitch/ass hole will never keep me down


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