wife got fat and don’t care
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wife got fat and don’t care

when we married she was 5’6″ and 135 pounds and very hot looking.she is now 220 pounds and has a 44″ waist. she won’t get naked because of it and don’t want sex unless the lights are off and that is only once every 2 months. we used to have sex every week and I miss it. she tells me she is too fat to have sex but when she get’s real turned on she will have sex but I cannot touch her belly. she does not admit that she is obese and needs to lose weight even when her dr. told her to lose the weight.

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  1. the dork187

    Tell her she beautiful and touch her a lot and when you do actor like you cum in your pants because she so hot..And go work out with her .. tell her to knock her shit off that she is the hottest beautifulest sexiest women in the world to you and that all that matters.

  2. Bo Jimbo

    The above poster indeed lives up to his name.

    YOU can’t make her be healthy and normal. She is the only one. Good luck. She’ll only get shorter and fatter otherwise.


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