The end of us.
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The end of us.

Dear soul mate. I really thought you were the one, my last and the one to grow old with. I don’t know why I love you so much and why I didn’t leave when I found out that u where cheating on me with different women. I lost my confidence. I got paranoid, insecure and I went to the extreme length of spying on you! I feel like a damn fool. I did everything in my power to fulfill your needs and make u happy and didn’t get much in return. I wish I didn’t waste my time, my love, my body and everything else on u. U didn’t value it anyway. After I had your baby, u were thinking I was cheating on u whenever I went shopping or whatever. Ridiculous! I am bringing a baby with me and cheat?! Must be because you are capable of such that u suspect me. I am just sorry I didn’t do the same to you. It’s damn painful. One of the women were 15 years older than you. Nasty! There is no amount of regret and apologies that will ever be enough to fix this. Up to date u never admitted what you did, yet I have proof and I even got confessions from the women. I wish I had the money to leave and never come back. I am not angry at you anymore, I am angry at myself for allowing you to do this to me. I stayed because I really thought you could learn to appreciate and love me. I know you are just using me. Without me and all my efforts you wouldn’t have a good education, and a lot more. I really have been foolish, I thought this was true love. I have been very blind, I know no one is perfect and I should improve myself too, but I don’t cheat or make u insecure, yet u suspect me of the worst. You said it all. It’s over. Thank you for the lesson. I wish that someone treats you the same way you treated me.

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  1. Glenda

    Find yourself a fantastic man and forget about this failure of a man.Men cheat because they are selfish. He’s not worth one tear.
    Good riddance you cheating son of a whore.
    My husband cheated on me and I was devastated until I understood what a sorry sack of chit he was.
    You did nothing wrong.
    Liars should not promise to take vows of marriage . The women who sleep with married men are desperate spinster types.
    They believe that sex equals love.
    Now please do not feel bad anymore.
    She probably got cum in her eye.
    They probably all have an std
    Buy really good parfum no. 16
    Find a classy gentleman

  2. marie2

    Dont give a guy an inch untill he gives you the world. Thats the only way to know youve found an unselfish man who wants to show you his love and then youll know he is worth pouring all your love out on.

    1. Glenda

      Omfg you’re a fountain of wisdom!
      So true!
      I’m taking your advice and playing it forward.

  3. Glenda

    It’s Chanel no.19
    not 16.

    Girl! !!!
    This loser needs a hard boot up his ass to the CURB!
    TRASH needs to be put out .

    Love you xoxo
    I feel your pain.
    Please don’t give up on true love.
    Love is the only energy that out lives and out lasts all!

    Maybe, the universe is trying to help you find your genuine soulmate by removing this idiot.

    Some things fall apart so better things fall together.

    I have no respect for man whores.

    It’s like returning to vomit.


    You wait. .
    True love will happen for you!
    I feel it

    A beautiful man!


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