ungrateful cultist stupid dirty selfish bitch
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ungrateful cultist stupid dirty selfish bitch

I travel 126 miles each way to work everyday for a total of 262 miles and work 10 hours. I come home to a lazy bitch who doesnt cook, clean or take care of my two sons. she drops them off at her fat stupid mothers who has some disease where shes afraid to.step outside and then goes and does nothing at her coke addict brothers construction company all day. she earns nothing and hates being a mother. she hasnt had sex with me for 2 years and 9 months so I beat off everyday. she joined some cult shit called.deliverance.ministry and.spends hours listening to.some.crackpot shit called omega man radio where they cast out fake.demons all day. it will be 20 years together on may 31 since I met her when I was 17 and she just turned 40 so her vagina is older than me and is probably a dried up sandpaper since I never saw it. she tells me.porn is evil but believes sex is only.for procreation. I cook, clean, do the laundry, check kids homework, cut the grass, build the deck take them.for walks while she complains about ehatber her hypercondriac ass makes up next. been to.hospital 3 times alone this year for 18k in.hospital.bills and they found nothing..didnt prescribe her anything after MRI and tests… am I the crazy one here???

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  1. marie2

    Wow…you have absolutely no self respect for yourself, your anger and disgust are justified. why are you still with her? Dont you know what a loveing respectful careing relationship is? Please get into counseling to help you get out of this demeaning degradeing rejecting lonely relationship. If i lived near you id babysit your kids just so you could get out of that crazy hell hole and make a better life for yourself. I am soo sorry your in this mess. if you think you love her and thats why you dont run then insist she go for counseling. if you arent in love with her then seriously start makeing plans to get out before your too old to leave and never have love in your life. you seriously must get a different job so you have time to be a father and partner to another girl. it would be too deprtessing for most any girl to be in a relationship with someone whoses gone as much as you are. I almost divorced my husband till he agreed to find a new job so hes home by at least 6pm each night. i was sooo lonely and depressed.


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