Never wants to do anything yet runs our the door to golf with his friends
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Never wants to do anything yet runs our the door to golf with his friends

I’m at the end of my rope. We have been married 25 yrs this summer. This not wanting to do anything has been going on for at least 20 years. He has no problem saying yes to the guys when it comes to golf. We bought bikes about 5 yrs ago he has nor been on it in 3 summers. I thought this would be something we could do together,ha !
What we do is watch tv, he doesn’t even care what he looks like anymore and it is so embarrassing ! He will spend $$$ on wireless speaker, golf trips with the guys yet he won’t spend the $ on new glasses, his glasses are so outdated and scratched I don’t know how he sees anything ? He wears shirts with stains on them when he leaves the house. A few years ago he grew a beard that he let’s grow on his neck and makes it look like crap, I don’t have a problem with the beard but shave your neck. I’ve asked him to do this for at least 15 yrs.
My daughter has said to me… Good God Mother!!! Did you see how he was dressed to play golf? Or “Did he go here or there dressed like that?”. My son in law is just as dumb founded by this as well, he won’t ask him to play golf anymore. I’ve told my husband I’m embarrassed by this and he doesn’t seem to care. He will start projects in the yard and not finish them. I can only imagine what the neighbors think. Yet he just wants to sit in the basement and watch tv with his surround system blasting while he has his face buried in his laptop playing cards. I now stay upstairs, not that he’d notice. He’s selfish! He’s a slop! And I have dubbed him a house hermit unless it’s golf. Btw, I just spent over $600.00 on golf clothes and another $500.00 on clothes that sit in the closet.

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  1. marie2

    Not to be a bitch but I wouldnt want to spend time with you either. I felt stressed out just reading your post, I cant imagine how it must feel for him to be on the recieveing end of all your negative nit picking and cajoling others to bad mouth him and side with you against him. Poor guy. Maybe stop doing that and do the opposite. Give him a reason to give a shit how you feel. The opposite means to be all over him, compliment him, say nice things to him and about him, if its negative keep mouth shut. Surely you can find tender sexy kind loving words to say to your man and about your man ???? Id avoid you like the plague just to save my dignity and heart. Hes hiding.

  2. Brenda

    If your husband doesn’t care about himself or you, get your own life. Join a bowling league or find a girlfriend to go biking with. Do things for yourself and “forget” him; assuming he works, just look at him as a paycheck. You don’t need him with you to enjoy life….it’s all about you now! Best of luck to you.

    1. Brenda

      There was more to what I posted but much of it was deleted by the admin. Apparently it’s okay to post insulting crap like what “marie2” posted but not okay to respond to her BS when replying to the OP. Double standard…shame on you admin!!! [Admin response: you are correct that the part of your comment was deleted. It distracted from the most important part of your comment, and we thought the OP would be better helped by having your thoughtful and encouraging words be the focus of your comment rather than allowing for the distraction from her real issue that could potentially have resulted from leaving in the part of your comment that you reference. We appreciate your feedback and understand your point. However, we felt that editing out the remarks was the right thing to do. You are free to respond directly to comment in question.]

  3. S

    I would be so embarrassed! 🙁

    Have you considered that your husband is not playing cards while his face is buried in the laptop? Do you know what he really does while he spends hours on there? Sounds like he might have an addiction to porn or something (???) Most men who spend countless hours separated from their families to be on their laptop or the wi-fi on their phone or ipad are actually watching porn.

    Something to think about…

    Good luck to you, I hope your husband at least gives in and shaves his neck!


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