I Can’t Do This Anymore
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I Can’t Do This Anymore

To The Liar I Chose To Marry:

You have lied to me more times than I care to remember about various issues, the biggest one being your porn addiction.

I told you when we were ‘dating’ that I could not be in a relationship with someone who preferred to lie to my face rather than just be honest with me. You kept lying to me, and like the idiot I am, I kept believing you. Over and over again, I caught you in more and more lies about what you were doing online, lies about spending money on cammodels, lies about anything that made you feel uncomfortable in any way (mostly all having to do with your porn addiction).

Before we got married, I told you that I refused to marry you if the lies were not going to stop. I told you that my heart could not take the lies and hurt anymore and that marrying someone who engaged in such activity would make me absolutely miserable. I begged you to please leave if that behavior was not going to change- I liked my life the way it was and did not want to get married to someone who would deceive me. You begged and pleaded with me, trying to convince me that you would never make me live that way. You were ‘never going to watch porn ever again’.

We married, and the lies about your porn watching never stopped. Big surprise. I totally blame myself for marrying you. I should have stood my ground and went with my gut instinct to drop you when we were still dating and I caught you in one of your first lies to me. (Like forgetting to mention that your “roommate” was your WIFE.) Even after finally admitting that you had a porn addiction, you still dragged me along with you while you continued to lie to my face about changing and seeking help.

Now, you have professed that you have been ‘saved again’ by God and that you have ‘left all of that behind’ after putting me through several breakdowns. Of course, I forgave you and began to once again start rebuilding my faith and happiness in you and this “marriage”. But last night when I saw what you were sitting around watching while I was working, trying to make us money since you can’t even pay our rent, I realized that you will always be a perverted, immature, selfish piece of shit.

I’m out of here.
Enjoy your porn, you f**king loser.

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  1. marie2

    HUGS…porn is a major major addiction. my uncle is a porn addict and he cant stop. his wife left him too. porn releases dopamine in the brain, its like being addicted to heroin. men just dont get how degradeing this behavior is to woman. they cant begin to understand when they are in an addiction. i actually feel sorry for him. its so sad and destructive.

  2. Sarah

    So sorry to hear that you have been going through that, but good for you for getting away from him. Husbands like this will most likely never change and will ruin your life while they are oblivious and noncaring about the pain they cause and the damage they do to your health and psyche. Don’t waste your life for a man who puts porn above you or your family, trust me, you’ll regret it.
    Did he refuse counseling, or just pretend to seek it and never actually do anything? (What mine did). Are you currently in counseling? You might need to consider it to help you work through the toll that this kind of emotional abuse can take on you.
    Best Wishes, stay strong in keeping yourself healthy.

  3. Amy

    Good for you! Move on with your life and don’t ever look back. Find a man who deserves you and go be happy with him, instead! Let this loser go on about his ignorant ways and waste and ruin his own life, not yours. Stay strong during your divorce, and don’t be surprised if he turns everything around on you and tells lies to all of your friends and family. Don’t let it bother you- addicts thrive on lies and blame-shifting.


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