Big lazy loser
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Big lazy loser

Met my now husband years ago. He had a job, went to school, and seemed ambitious. However, after our marriage I noticed discrepancies in his stories and his finances. Turns out that he didn’t have a job that paid, he didn’t have money saved up, he wasn’t going to school, and he was cheating. Most of the marriage has consisted of me gutting the truth out of him. At this point, with most of his lies exposed, all I see is a big lazy loser. I am now in debt because of him. I graduated from college, but I can’t move because of his inability to maintain work to save money and pay bills. I have mental break downs where I throw my hands up and say “F**K IT!” He hangs around other big lazy losers and lacks any motivation to change. I don’t regret much, but I wished I never married that piece of shit.

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  1. marie2

    RUN … now. Why are you even there, seriously. He never cared about your emotional mental sexual well being, so why are you so invested in his well being ??? Lack of self respect and self esteem on your part . Hugs sweety. I hope you can muster up enough self respect to get away before you get pregnant by him.

  2. Brenda

    I’m so sorry. How long did you two date before marriage? If for a while, how did you not know he didn’t have a paying job? Where was his money coming from? How long have you been married to him? Can you get an annulment based on all his lies? The cheating concerns me because of sexual transmitted diseases. I put up with a lot of shit but I draw the line at cheating…you cheat, you will never put your penis near me again PERIOD! Hang in there.


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