I hate being married to a liar and his f-ked up fam
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I hate being married to a liar and his f-ked up fam

I married a liar. How much do we know about the person we’re marrying? As much as that person tells us, right? Especially if there’s nobody to tell you facts from not-that-person perspective.
So I fell in love, we both fell in mad love and those first months did feel like heaven. I was in sick relationship before and meeting this guy felt lifesaving. Shorty after we got together I got a ring, and he wanted us to be a family, to have a baby, and I’d be stay home mom. Madly in love I said yes. And got pregnant with my precious baby boy that is now 2 months old.
We moved in together and things seemed to be very sweet and perfect.

But my happiness was ruined. When I watched his words not meeting his deeds. His brother moved in with us for some reason and at first I was totally ok with it. But only at first.
His family is F**KED UP. And I mean it. I WISH I NEVER met his f**ked up mother, his sick religious dad and his my-mom-dropped-me-when-I-was-a-baby sibling.

It’s hard to describe how much I hate them all since I blame them and I have a right to do so, for they destroyed our happy marriage and my dreams has shattered which is probably the worst part right here. Before this guy i lived a happy life and though I do love my son more than anything in the world, no, I did not need a baby and being a stay home mom with nobody to help with a baby, not even my husband. I hate myself for saying yes to him and now I’m here, alone but married with a baby. I feel like leaving every day and I will eventually. Because settling for this just for the sake of my child is not not not worth it. I believe we will have an amazing life as a mom and baby. Without all this crap that his family brings into our lives.

I talked to husband many times about how I feel about his family but he never listens, his family is more important than me. And if I ever knew that I’d ignore this piece of sh-t since the day I met him.

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  1. marie2

    when we marry someone we promise to love that person for better or for worse. This is an oath you took before God so ask your husband if he honors that oath or not. If he says yes then you both would be smart to start going to church and learn how to Love eachother. Neither of you seems to know what that word means. Pray about it. Im not talking about getting all religious. Jesus hated religion. Heis whole purpose was to teach us how to love one another. Any church that directs away from that teaching and doesnt focus solely on that teaching is a waste of time so search carefully for a church family. Your going to need the love and support whether you stay or leave. God Bless sweety.


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