I’ve been sleeping with my brother-in-law
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I’ve been sleeping with my brother-in-law

Ok.. It all stared off with me leaving a previous bad relationship like 10 yrs ago and one of my ex’s friends stayed friends with me, the thing was he was getting married to someone else. So one night I got asked to DD for his bachelor party. I didn’t mind so I did, and after the party he was the last one to get off and before I dropped him off he asked to kiss me! so I did, just to give him his last free kiss before he got married and dropped him off at home. He got married, and that was it for quite sometime. I met his brother at the wedding and after going on a couple of dates with him we got together and started a relationship. A few years and a couple kids later, my brother-in-law phoned me at work just to ask how I was doing which was a little odd and I didn’t think anything of it because he is a friendly and kind person. And like a week later he called me again and asked if I could babysit for a bit, I didn’t mind so I said yeah. I told my common-law that his brother was coming to pick me up to go babysit for them and he said okay. When his brother picked me up and we got to his place, he told me he had feeling for me this whole time and that he thinks about me all the time and the kiss we shared. I didn’t know he had feelings for me like that and honestly, I always kinda liked him but I didn’t know he felt that way for me even though he was married now! But we gave into temptations and ended up having sex on his living room floor. And we’ve been having sex here and there through out the years ever since. And now, today he is separated from his wife and me and my spouse (we never married, even tho I did want to) relationship is on the rocks and I have no idea what to do!

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  1. marie2

    Im not surprised you dont know what to do you have had loose morals your whole life it seems and no consideration or respect for others marriages or your own relationships. I suggest finding a good church or bible classes to get your head straight because your on a long dark road that will lead you to nowheres good or fufilling. You asked…thats my response.Im sorry your so lost and confused…you dont need to be. There are good moral guidelines for living and being in relationships. Learn what they are before proceeding further with anyone so you can pick someone good for you and so you can be good for someone else. I personally would never trust someone like you and the fact that he does says he has issues too with relationships. Good Luck and God Bless.


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