Married but living the single life
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Married but living the single life

I hate my husband. He is a selfish f**k. He wanted a kids and every f**king day and night he sits back on his fat ass and ignores their needs along with mine and our households. He thinks because he works he is not a pos but he is the biggest pos of all. Doesnt cook or clean. I raise the kids, keep the house clean and running, mow the lawn, trim the trees, take the trash out, even fix the cars and this worthless good for nothing pos goes to work monday thru sunday. I feel like a single mother with No benefits. I sacraficed my body, mind and career for my family. Meanwhile he is living it up going out drinking like he has no responsibility. Saying stupid shit like why is my laundry wrinkled. Do your own f**king laundry you giant f**king 4yo. Why arent my socks clean…this dinner was meh. He watches his kids for 10 mintues before complaining and mentioning hes been watching them all by himself this whole time. That f**k doesnt the first thing about caring for children. Doesnt know how to comfort them, put them to sleep, disipline them, encourage them, doesnt knoq qhere any of their shit is…diapers clothes wipes. Hes constantly asking me becauae he refuses to be a parent.Day and night i take care of all their needs good or bad behaviors. His mother f**ked him up royally. I only pray his stupid lazy ass ways dont rub off on our son or daughter. How do you leave a pos when you have no job havent worked in 3 years and your kids are still under age 5 so no school. My gd life is a joke. He makes me want to kill myself. He makes me want to kill him. He makes me wish he were dead. What a waste of f**king life. I cant wait until the day I leave his sorry worthless ass.

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  1. Chris

    Wow. Can I ask why you married him to begin with? Have you voiced this to him? Told him you weren’t happy? Sounds like you’re beyond repair. My suggestion is leave. Now. If you feel there is no hope then you must move on. Go to a job resource office. They will help you find employment and or help train you in interviewing, resumes, specifics like typing, computers, etc. There is daycare assistance and other benefits till you get on your feet also available. You’re not stuck. Have faith in yourself. You don’t need a man to succeed. Especially one that makes you miserable.

  2. marie2

    You sound just as awful sweety. I wouldnt want to be around you either. Teach your husband how to be a good father and husband to you. He doesnt know because nobody taught him . Ask sweetly for what you need. Be loving and kind to him. Voice your hurt and pain and loneliness as well as you voice your disgust and anger. Let him know you need him. Yes, many men are raised to think their job is to provide financially for his family and he is doing wht he was taught. That doesnt make him la\zy. He works long hours and comes home to REST!! Stop complaining about takeing care of the house and the kids when you dont work or bring any money into the house at all. That responsibility falls solely on him,,,that is freaking stressful as all heck. I was a single mom so I know what thats like. STRESSFULL!!! Stop being so nasty to your man who gives you all he has and teach him how to give you what you need. Many men are not confident in the area of intimacy and nurtureing. Dont destroy him. The reason you want to kill your self and him is because instead of loving him you are highly critical and demeaning of him out of your frustrated needs. Teach your man your needs lovingly and kindly and sweetly. He is not a Female. He is high testosterone. Not high estrogen. Try to get an understanding of this and work with what he is to be a better husband and dad. Work with him not against him. If he thought you were a terrible provider and screamed at you or told you that you were a lazy worthless ass for not bringing any money into the house how would that make you feel after you spent all day every day takeing care of the kids and house? Well your being nasty to him saying hes a lousy relationship giver after hes spent all day every day provideing for your kids and for your grown ass . Stop tearing your man down before he has an affair and leaves you. Hes probably wanting to already by the way you sound like you treat him. I missed my husband terribly when he worked a lot when our kids were young. I bitched a lot when he didnt help around the house or with kids. I was exhausted. He cheated on me. He was miserable as hell too, I had to calm down and start changeing how I treated him. He was so stressed out too but men dont talk about their stress, they detach and go into their heads. To escape life for a while. How nice huh LOL. But it keeps them from going crazy like you are now. Try comforting him and spoiling him when he gets home and keep your mouth shut. Give him messages. Pamper him. Make him want to be with you. He will come out of his stress and be able to connect more with you and talk about stuff. Then maybe you can figure out a new job because he will want a relationship with you again. Sounds like right now he is desperately escapeing you and his miserable life by avoiding and shutting down. Fix the mess. Dont destroy your family. Good Luck.


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