whats more important the kids sport or paying the bills
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whats more important the kids sport or paying the bills

I struggle with my husband monthly regarding this situation, his daughter has been doing this sport since she was 8, now 15, the sport requires a 3 day trip to different states almost monthly, recently my husband lost his job and will not have a check coming in for several weeks due to a pending background issue which caused him to lose his job. Knowing this wouldn’t you cancel the four day trip that is planned 10 hours away (4 states away) and save the $700 – $800 that it cost for this weekend? He will not cancel it, and yells at me when I bring up the fact that I will be paying all the bills until he gets this situation worked out, he says that she HAS to go to this event, I can tell you she doesn’t. What to do?

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  1. Chris

    I’m sorry, I feel your pain. I have a similar situation. Yours is a little more dire though. Bills trump kids sports. It will not hurt his daughter to skip out this one time. He needs to get his priorities in check. I would put my foot down. It is your income coming in, not his. Pay all bills and see what’s left. Tell him to get a part time job or sell something to pay for it if it’s that important to him. Where is the mother? Can she help? But by no means should this sport put your home, marriage, credit, etc. in jeopardy. If he chooses to put his daughter first, and consistently does so, I would seriously question his loyalty and dedication to your marriage. Raise your kids, spoil your wife/husband… When the kids are gone all you will have is each other.


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