I feel like I am more of a mother to my husband
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I feel like I am more of a mother to my husband

I do love my husband but he always seems to hurt me. He never buys me gifts, For Mother’s Day my older son went all out for me and got me an Amazing gift I was so touched I started crying my son asked why you crying mom? I said Im so happy I’m not use to this and he gave me a big hug. All my husband said was what do you want?(but yet buys his mom a gift with thought and consideration) I don’t want an expensive gift from my husband but flowers would be nice sadly I hinted and I might as well have told the wall…For Valentines Day I got him and our sons gifts and my husband said Do you like this kind of stuff? I’ve been with him 25 years. I cook his meals wash his clothes clean after him,he can be charming but not romantic at all. We haven’t been intimate in years like maybe 5yrs he refuses to get help for his E.D and he can be a drama queen he said it himself. When we fight I always apologize even when he instigates it I just don’t like to be angry and he will make me wait hours before he lets it go but if he apologise (which is rare) i forgive him right away. My younger son fought him because of years of being a bully and my son said I hated the way he treated you all these years mom. My other 2 almost fought him for the same reason. Sorry just needed to vent.

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  1. marie2

    Find a nice church you like and start going. Being in fellowship with Christian wman who will love you and build you up will help your self esteem which is lacking here. Dont define your worth by how your husband treats you. All men have their baggage too, just like us gals. Learn what his baggage is and grow as a person. Love him and have boundaries like not apologizing when he instigates stuff. He probably loses respect for you. Be more your own person and let him come to you as now your too insecure and always run to him first when its not even your fault. Thats not attractive at all. Good Luck sweety and God bless. Work on YOU.


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