in laws told hubby to treat wife like outcast and enemy
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in laws told hubby to treat wife like outcast and enemy

Been married 20 years. from day he informed his mum we are getting married, she had been screaming that she is dying in her coffin. Yes, she is from china came to hk to work as street hawker. married her husband who abandon her and my hubby for 10 years getting british passport etc etc.

we both are graduate and working till once married in laws poison his mind against me. don’t let your wife work, don’t give money, don’t help, not allow to have children hence abortion first time, no more when I dig my foot in and we have 4 kids. he loves kids. but in laws then turn him against his own kids and told to give away to children services and sabotage their education . told to smack firstborn boy who should be the pride and joy of any Chinese man. all because he is reading and singing happily in front of them. he is only 5 and started school and just such a model child.

in laws plotted against me in my own house on their visits claiming to see first born child when he is born. yet on the first day they arrive, hubby refused to sleep in our bed or to see our child. I heard them saying how they had to convince their only son to leave me and our first newborn. hubby not allow to buy marital home by his parents. so I forked out the deposit and went house hunting. he tag along. both signed purchase contract. come 2nd child , in laws came with a sauce for cooking meat and claimed mother in law worked so hard last 2 months over this sauce. my mum came and was horrified. that woman left the sauce to mould in her dirty dusty garage to feed me when I was confined to bed after a difficult childbirth. she was going to poison me!!!
come on western guys. I am Chinese from Malaysia married a hk/china boy who claim he had to be filial to his mother due to the emotional blackmail of being abandon by his father from young age. but his father claimed he was starting a business and came back for them when he is age 10 and took them to England with him.

drama of my life. my stupid husband claim filial son and destroy our marriage because it was convenient for him not to help, not to pay for wife and kids, nor house etc etc. western man married Chinese woman whine and whine and whine because they got well meaning china in laws yes awful loud voice that even I as Chinese cant stand and yuck that bleching… but the worst part was for them to tell my husband to get rid of my kids to children services in uk so that he does not have to work so hard to look after them and can have all the fun with his wife.

next? more to come. when he come to his senses after screaming crying walking out when he left to work in Europe I push him to work oversea to get away from his parents AND because the high pay in order to pay off mortgage. his damn parents both in laws told him to spend all his money that his wife and kids do not need money and he came back on the pretext that he wont leave me on my own with number 4 baby due . instead, he was haunted to repay his credit card owing a f**king £60000. he happily came to me in the kitchen whilst I was washing up that his parents said I want to marry him, I should be paying for his blooming stupid debts that his parents encourage and ordered him to spend being chauffeured to work in Bulgaria living in expensive hotels eating in hotels for 6 months or more beyond his salary. that in addition to being too cheap to pay for childcare so I can work, told me to quit. now I realised I had been such a fool. love does not conquer everything like he said. it only work if I am stupid enough to pay for everything despite no job (used my savings and my parents financial help) and take care of the kids and house to leave him free to be a slob. yes.. he is not particularly tidy as his parents said, let your wife do everything. you only have to go to work and that is more than enough.

20 years down theline, found out he asked me to sign contract saying he wanted to remortgage our first house and now I found out, not only he remortgage it with taking out £100k from our first house, £100 k from our rented flat and £50k from another rented house, he used it to buy 3 more place all in his sole names, only paying interest in all properties and refused to even pay off mortgage in our own home leaving me and my kids, jobless and homeless without a career or financial security.

these china in laws are out for blood using their one and only son. even our first house it seems that I had signed away my rights to it. since my car accident, husband managed to run out my 16 year old firstborn from our home since I was bedridden, then turn him against me to be like himself and I am now the enemy to both my husband and firstborn. my second child had since come to her senses, thank god for her friends. from being spolit, refused to go school because daddy said do and he is the one with job and money. only my younger two boys are not following daddy but don’t know for how long as he gives them pocket money, no discipline, no need to study. when I discipline and make them do homework, I am the baddie. its all falling apart.

end of story, don’t marry any Chinese man or woman. they are not worth throwing your life and destroying your kids future for their own selfish self centre reasons. why daddy do that to his own kids. so his mother s son is better than my sons. I don’t get it…
I gave up my legal and political career in my country and left my family who are rich for him, for this? I am all alone in uk with no help and when I seek my English friends support, they too pull the plug and stop their kids from playing with my kids.

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