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Fat Wife

Gettin’ sick of Tubbo gettin’ fatter ‘n fatter by the day. She’s 5’2″ and weighed 107 when I met her. Now she’s tippin’ the scales at a significantly higher number. (She refuses to tell me what it is.) When we bang, it’s like a baby hippo is ridin’ me. Not pleasant. If the weight ain’t comin’ off, I’m a-showin’ her the door!

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  1. Dystonic Rxn

    Have you lovingly talked to her about her weight gain? Telling her you love her and you are concern d about her health. I would offer to help in any way I can.

  2. angie

    Iam Sorry but you are a inconsiderate pig!

    I have been lucky with weight i can eat what i like and i fluctuate from 8 and 1/2 stone to 9 but never any bigger.

    Your wife girlfriend whatever may not be as fortunate, maybe she has a medical problem that thyriod glan which is preventing weight loss, maybe age is beginning to test the time on her body. maybe she is comfort eating because she is depressed with her inconsiderate rude partner.

    i wonder how in your words fat you are? my husband is 51 goes to the gym every other day and is very slim and in shape for his age, his max weight at 6ft
    11 stone. with no belly whatsoever. I wonder where you fit in that catagory?

  3. Chris

    He doesn’t love her! If he did, he wouldn’t speak that way about her. Shallow Hal better be Brad Pitt to talk like that! Jerk


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