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I’m so embarrassed of my husband
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I’m so embarrassed of my husband

My husband and I went through recent financial problems. A coworker who knew my sister told my husband he would pay him money for nude pictures of my sister. My husband took the pictures of my sister and gave the man the pictures. I found the pictures on my husbands phone and confronted him about them. At first he claimed he had no idea how they got there and then admitted it. I am so in love with my husband and he have a little boy together but this honestly has been weighing so heavily on me and I don’t know what to do.

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  1. Dystonic Rxn

    Have considered talking to police detective? Seems like a crime has been committed unless your sister willingly posed for the photos.
    Was this a one time very poor decision for which your husband has taken responsibility for his action. Confessed to your sister?

  2. Traeana

    Lmfao are you dumb? Sis, those pictures aren’t to be sold. Your man is definitely jacking off to your sis. Sorry boo

  3. Chris

    Sounds to me like your husband may be fooling around with your sister. Walk away… From both of them. Why in God’s name would he get naked pics of her? Idc how broke you are! Over the line by miles!! And then lied about it. Guilty.


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