Video Games and Nerd Culture have always been a huge part of my life since I was a kid, it was my escape from all of the bullies and “You will never accomplish anything” from others. Over time it wasn’t just a vice or an escape but it was something I am Genuinely fond of since it has brought me YEARS of incredible memories and fun time with my brother, family and friends. Reason I say this is to accentuate the importance of them in my life and understandably I would want to marry someone who shares my passion. Enter My wife, a derpy redhead with a chip on her shoulders. She goes on and on about how much she LOVES games and “aren’t you glad you married such a gamer/nerdy girl” but very rarely ACTUALLY even invests her time into stuff like that. should would rather watch her shows or take time to draw. the few times that she DOES decide to play she ALWAYS ends up with some kind of rage quitting behavior or excuses that makes her go on a rant about how the game is flawed or how it’s the controller when in reality it’s just that she isn’t that good at it. Take Dark souls for example, I love the series and have played through ALL of them. She started playing and played MAYBE up to about half way through Bloodborne and I beat it weeks ago and she says “hey I beat Bloodborne, all the way through 100%” showing off to other people when in reality she got so ANGRY at one of the bosses that she exclaimed “This game is frickin rediculous! I am pushing all the right buttons and the game is still not responding! it is killing me!” no it’s not that she sucks its always something or someone elses fault and then rage quits and then that spills onto me when I am trying to calm her down she gets angry and tells me to shut up and leave her alone and when I decide to leave her alone and not say anything she gets upset and says it makes her angrier that I don’t try to make her feel better. IT IS ABSOLUTELY A NIGHTMARE! I LOVE gaming and the community we have but I am mature enough to recognize that a game can be challenging and definitely I always remember “it’s just a game, no big deal” However with her…this starts 6 hour fights! I say all this because I need to paint the picture, this isn’t just a singular situation, it happens…A LOT. We bought The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch on release night, (for those who aren’t familiar that was a big moment for zelda fans) and it is honestly one of the greatest games, not just in the series, but one of the greatest games i have ever played period. My wife has also loved zelda she says since the “classics” like Ocarina of Time…(also for those that don’t know not a classic) but she feels she has accomplished great things because she played it. she fell in love with the world of The Legend of Zelda and says she has beat every single one 100%, another lie. she says these things to people to show off how much of “I am such a gamer/nerdy girl” personality she has. she does love these titles but she lies a lot…and exaggerate her devotion or experience and accomplishments to show off. With that said understandably she wanted to play the new zelda game alongside me. Time passed and I beat the game pretty easily, it’s not that it isn’t challenging but learn these sort of things pretty quickly over my years of playing. My wife struggled quite a bit for a long time until she, to my amazement did something I have never seen her do. She got over her rage quit and pushed though the game and got pretty ok at it. she still struggles heavily against tougher enemies but she can freely explore the game now with much greater skill. (warning spoilers if you care) I it has been over a month since I have beaten the game now and my wife has yet to do so. she finally decided to give it a shot and see how the game ends, well here is where all of this gets out of hand. Through out the adventure you are tasked with retrieving your memories which seem to hint that the Relationship between Link and Zelda is more than platonic. the memories leave it intentionally vague since the director of the game said he wants to allow fans to make their OWN story about the two. After she asks if she can play, after having not played for quite a long time now, I said sure no problem go for it. I figured there would be no harm in letting her finally finish this beautiful game and see the ending. no way she can rage because unbeknownst to her the ending is pretty easy to get through compared to the rest of the game. So while we were on the topic I comment “you know now that I think about it, I noticed that the memories you recover are trying to hint that there is some deeper relationship between the two. I wonder if the directors will one day clarify” the game hasn’t released all of it’s content yet. after I said this she immediately without hesitation got angry about it and exclaimed “you just ruined the whole game for me! how could you do that? how could you be so selfish and inconsiderate?! How would you like it if I did that to you!? Next time you play a game I am going to look up the ending and spoil it for you! I will ruin the next game you play so you can see what it feels like! You know I a hopeless romantic and you telling me the ending has completely ruined the game for me! Why don’t you think about my feelings first before you open your mouth! I am Obviously very intuitive, you should know this by now! Of course you saying something like this will completely give away the ending of the game for me! I was Hoping they would get together, I wanted to the game to end a certain way!”…These are verbatim keep in mind. Although not all of them at once they were so frequent that I couldn’t get a word in…Part of me felt terrible because she felt I spoiled the game but the majority of me was so angry that she would spew so much venom for such a trivial thing that I couldn’t even care to feel bad for too long. I apologized anyway in attempt to save the bridge but she said “you better be! hopefully you learned your lesson and won’t ever do that again to me! you are so inconsiderate!” to which I replied with getting up and walking away. I am a God fearing man so as such, since I was feeling VERY angry I secluded myself to a room and began to pray. i was feeling like I was hitting my limit pretty fast so I needed to relieve my pressure or I would explode on her. I start to calm down a little and she comes and finds me to tell me food is ready and say “oh and you running and hiding only makes it worse” I don’t run and HIDE I try to spare the experience of me losing my temper with her by praying and trying to calm down. She has to make her comments because god forbid when she gets upset it doesn’t matter who’s in the room or how others feel, she is upset and she wants you to know it and it is supposed to be the biggest deal in the world. if you disagree with her you are wrong no matter what and makes her more upset….I am beyond my limits