Nag Bitch Complaining
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Nag Bitch Complaining

I have been Married or I should say now in prison of a bad Marriage. You try to be nice but I find it harder to be nice. In example. I go out to get some items this morning and thinking of the Witch whom O married a young man complains about the bear Claws I bought. I threw them out. I told her anytime I do something it is always wrong. I feel like I am In a perpetual fight with Her. She has woken me up with a gun and taser. Has hit me with a club while I was sleeping. I ask what here favorite sicknesses are today. I tell her not to do a damn thing for me. I do not want to be obligated other in any way shape or form. I think of the movie Norbit when I think of the Witch.

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  1. Dystonic Rxn

    Sorry to got into a marriage with a crazy one. Does she drink, drugs, have psychiatric issues you know about or suspect?
    I would set boundaries w her. Let her know if she physically touches you in anger you will call the police and THEN do it. Keep your word. Perhaps she might respect you more, then again she might not. Either way you will have it documented she has been assaultive towards you and then let the police know What other things she has done.
    Of course if you are abusive also your case is moot.

  2. fstoptwo

    Before you start thinking of running out! You should keep a diary and file for a divorce under the ruling of being a battered husband. That bitch of yours should be locked up! Assault with a deadly weapon will carry certain prison sentences in some states. Be smart and keep a diary. Report every assault to the police then keep your house and get her out ! Good luck.


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