We dont go out and at home no one talks
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We dont go out and at home no one talks

Ive been reading the posts. All say hate, I dont hate my husband I’m just not sure if he has given up or figures the marrige isnt worth the effort?
We have been married 6 yrs now. I love being married, as far as I know he does (did) to. As of late he doesn’t want to go out with me any where when we are home I try to talk to him and he answers me with 1 or 2 words, then the answers he gives I cant even keep on subject.

He asks how my day was and I answer him by telling him what I did then I notice he’s not paying attention so I just quit talking and then Im offended.

I sit next to him and wait for him to ask me something or even need me to get him anything just so I feel as tho he wants me. Sometimes I ask him if he wants to take the dog out for a walk, or just us going for a walk. He never wants to do that. He tells me if I can think of something to do that he wants to do we can do it. I just give up.

I ask if he wants to cuddle he mostly answers yea. Then he either takes dog out or I get sick of waiting so I just turn over and say never mind. If we have sex I just ask if he wsnts to do it and either he says yes or if he dont he says if you want to? I cant remember the last time he was romantic or put any effort into for play.

I get tired of always being the one who wants it first.

I was snooping on his phone well I found that some of his messages I couldnt read them. I finally figured out how to read them I was some hook up site. Their was one that said quit sending me naked pics or I will report you. Then When I asked him about it he said, He didnt know how to hide messages on his phone, and he didnt know how that particular site got in his messages. Then he said when he watches porn they must be the pop ups.

I’m not stupid. It really hurts to know that he thinks I am. Then a week later. I find a add that says you want to have a 3 some not one but two days. Well it was read but not deleted. What is going on? He wont talk to me I hope someone has some answers

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  1. Louie

    Ok…. I feel terrible for you…as I was that husband too. Fortunately for our relationship she never gave up. I was a complete asshole. I would see her cry and ask what the problem was and she would answer “nothing “. I knew better, I hate to see her cry let alone be the cause of her tears. I was being a real stupid asshole. Please go talk to him directly and be honest and courageous when you do,hopefully he’ll get the picture. If that doesn’t work out talk about it with someone you trust or a counselor. Many workplaces now offer confidential employee assistance programs that include counseling sessions at no cost that include spouses and the employee spouse is not informed that you are attending ( see your company human resources department) . This helped me become less of an asshole and get back on track in my relationship. PLEASE! BY ALL MEANS AVOID RELATING THIS WITH A MALE ACQUAINTANCE. That is recipe for disaster. As solid as your relationship is and regardless of your commitment to it we are human. If someone is given access to your vaunerablilities they,especially guys,will have opportunity to take advantage of your sensitivity . Regardless of the aforementioned please take time for yourself. Join a gym,and set goals for yourself…book clubbing is popular..if you have an interest in art or photography pursue it…be able to do self indulgent things to ease and clear your mind. You seem like a sweet person who is trying her best. Give yourself some care and attention. The porn issue sounds like an addiction. But I will say that most points sites ( and even some music videos) have imbeded side sites, but most newer devices block those automatically…best of luck

  2. marie2

    Start focusing on yourself and your interests. maybe hes bored with you. Reinvent yourself. I took up belly danceing lessons and am haveing so much fun. Hubby loves it LOL


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