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My husband gave all our savings away to his so called friends,tells me to drop dead and die,expects me to clean up his his dirty bed and settee after he were it,be at home at his beck and call,he don’t work but won’t previde a meal for me will order food for himself,I work 5 days look after my daughter with special needs,my mum with Alzheimer’s and he says he sick of hearing me moaning

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  1. marie2

    Hes not abusive…YOU are self abusive and you are abusive towards your daughter for allowing a man to disrespect you and in front of your child. This is the type of man she will be with someday because she saw you stay in a relationship where you were disrespected. This is about YOU not him. He is being who he is. You tolerate it. Your not a victim…your a willing participant who stays with him. Sit down and talk calmly with him about how you expect to be treated…with respect. If not then leave. But if you stay it is your fault for staying. Please get some counseling or talk to others to help build your self confidence if you need help with that to be able to speak your feelings to him and stand by it. Good Luck


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