I’m just not good enough for him
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I’m just not good enough for him

We are.married for 5 years now.
In.the start of the marriage my cooking and house care wasn’t that great now it improved drastically
We have one child and has been taking lots of my time and energy.
In the past 3 month I started to work on getting back to my pre baby body and looks, but I notice my husband now doesn’t want to take me.out or go out with me.
I even asked why don’t you want..to.introduce me to your colleagues he said jokingly coz u r too fat.
When having sex he tells me I’m a bad lay.
My cooking is bad, he tells menu don’t know how to cook manage a house or even shop for groceries.
All the time he is stuck to his computer or phone.
Or.tired from.work.And wants to sleep.

I can’t see any appreciation or love anymore
What should I do?

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  1. marie2

    get a personal trainer and go to the gym for half an hour a day…they have child care. Do this for you. you need to lift weights to shape your body. let your hair grow long and sexy. have some beautiful eyelash extensions done. go get a mani pedi every month and a leg and bikiuni wax once a month. pamper yourself to the extreme and buy some feminine flattering clothes. if this doesnt drop your mans jaw with drool then no worries cause men will be lineing up for you and you will not feel so bad about yourself anymore. The best thing I ever did for myself was spend money on me and make myself look and feel great.

  2. Dystonic Rxn

    I applaud you on taking care of yourself. As a man, I would need a more practical discussion. Something along the lines of …. I love you and you mean the world to me. I am working on getting in better shape. It is important that I know you are attractive me and find me sexy. I feel sad when you say I am fat.
    It would really mean a lot to me if we could have one date night a week w/o the child. Then offer him a bj when the date starts if possible and tell him he can have you for dessert after.

  3. Lu

    Sounds like your being taken for granted. Leave and let him realize what he had to make a change, if he doesn’t,,,, move on. Don’t waste more time most importantly! Good luck


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