I want him gone out of my life
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I want him gone out of my life

I hate him. He curse me. He cruse every body on the road. In 17 years of marrage I could count the times he made love to me on one hand. He does not provide for me or never did. He yells at me all the time and im not all ed to say nothing. All he wants is clean cloths a big dinner on the table. He saves no money has no bank account and is a horder. God I wish I could go back 17 years . I despise him with all my heart. I wish he would dissappear and I would never see him again. I hate ever morning when he gets up. I hate him so much I feel sick.

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  1. marie2

    Sweety he is not going to just disappear. You have to find the courage and security within yourself to walk away. Pack a bag and leave. Hopefully you dont have children with this man. If your the one paying the bills you should be able to afford to walk away and pay your bills someplace else. Good luck and God be with you. I would be utterly depressed with a man like that. My husband was abusive for twenty years . He worked soo much he was never home and would only fight with me cause he wasnt getting sex or cooked meals anymore. He treated me like a slave. One day I lost it, I attacked him and we got arrested…sigh. Things have gotten so much better since we got back together. But the pain from the past lingers in my soul. Things are actually really good between us. He sometimes has to work overtime but not too much and hes home every day now but still…its very hard to heal emotional wounds and I keep waiting for that pain to subside. I wish I had left him long ago so there wouldnt be so much residual pain to deal with now from putting up with all his harsh cruelness towards me. It really breaks a womans spirit. Be careful not to get so broken down that you cant leave.

  2. Betina J Dadami

    If your in a position too seek divorce DO SO !!
    It’s hard living a double life…missing a life you want and tollerating the one one you hate…
    I okay nice n keep quiet my husband is a piece of work too.
    He is in his late 60 s n not well… arthritis Neuropathy..n other problems.
    I pray God takes him…n I can consolidate expenses.
    His attitude is negative…we never have discussion s…he cannot pull his weight he is on SS…that sucks..so it falls on me..
    I know how you feel.. some
    I cannot divorce due to money.. pension Mine and various circumstances.

    That is why if you can run..


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