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Bad Attitude
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Bad Attitude

My husband is not well. He has bad arthritis n takes lots of meds. He had to stop working 2 yes ago.. His SS ck is a joke. Not his fault.
I have to pull the weight. It makes it so difficult on me.
He complains every day about something!! His pain…the money…whaaaa no food yet doesn’t help with groceries list.
I have grown to the point where I plain DON’T LIKE him at all at times.
He can be self centered…I am not allowed to feel sick or bad or whatever.
I regret this marriage.
Oh well I cannot divorce…due to money.. property n my pension.

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  1. Wolfman

    You shouldn’t have to live your life in misery because of him.
    If you wish to walk away, do it.
    He’s abusive. Sick or not he could be romantic and kind to his wife.
    He failed on his part to be a good husband. You’re not his emotional punching bag.
    It’s not cheap to divorce but your life is more valuable than this depression.
    Free yourself from the chains of torment and rebuild some peaceful happiness for yourself.
    I don’t believe in trying to make it work when the other person treats you like a door mat . You’re nobody’s fool.
    Go out for dinner and a movie and buy yourself a beautiful shirt or something nice. Reward yourself for taking notice that you deserve better.
    Be happy.
    It’s your life.

  2. fstoptwo

    I feel, you need to tell him exactly what you have just said. You then either come together or you leave him. Money will not make you happy. How much is enough? Your happiness together is worth the work if you do it together.Remember, in sickness and in health too? It sounds like you are at the end of your tether and a release.


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