why would he betray me when we have everything
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why would he betray me when we have everything

OK married for 24 years, i was 20 he was 25. iam now 44 have three great children 19 17 14. we both have good jobs, both slim to average build, and live in a lovely house 2 cars 2 holidays per year. etc etc. You would think wow what the F**k are you moaning about.

He has told me over the last 5 years that our sex life is getting boring, he wanted to bring it back, which i thought OK i could have tried harder but kids work house etc etc no real me time so i let it slip a bit. i made an effort and as an average maybe twice a week but definitely once a week.
He then says he wants to fulfill some fantasies before he gets to old (mid life crisis) would like to try something and he wanted threesome with me him and another women, after long deliberations and many conversions we did it. He then wanted me and him and another man. i said no but again appreciate its not a regular thing so again i cecum and we did it.

Now to Wednesday just gone, My morning meeting was cancelled so I got up got ready and thought i may as well do shopping and go to the office late. (We have a town house in central London) so of i go to the shops. He is going to a meeting abroad and flying out that afternoon so he is at home.

On my return from the shops i get in I hear something upstairs i creep up stairs open the door of the bedroom to see him sitting naked on the bed cam to cam with a women as they watch each other (no need to do the details you can work it out) He looked at me in total shock slammed the laptop closed, and started shouting at me to get out and leave him alone.

When he came downstairs i was in bits and asked him how long has he been doing this? he said only once or twice i wanted to see his laptop which he refused to do. After arguing he got the laptop i looked at it to find he was doing it with maybe 5 or 10 women one of them being the women we had a threesome with. I was devastated told him to pack his bags go on the business trip take your filthy laptop think about our marriage and what i have done and sacrificed by bearing my all and my soul for you. And this is how you treat me.

He is away for 10 days since he has been away i refuse to talk to him, he has emailed text phoned everything except come home(which i dont expect him to do) But I cannot get out of my head what i saw and i spoke to my sister who said has he had an affair as in a physical affair?
i said not to what i know off.
she said Yes its wrong what he did and he must stop but at least he hasnt had physical sex.

But i feel so betrayed and i feel as though he has had an affair i just feel different, i hate him i dont think i could ever get this image out of my mind, and im just really for the first time in many years confused.

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  1. Dork 187

    Think of it as porn he was looking at and no he did not cheat. Your pushing him away because you want a reason to find someone else. Really think you guys should work it out 25 year to wasted over a dumb thing like porn really come on. If your not doing something he will find someone that will some go for you .👫tell him what you want be surprised guys love it when women tell there sex fantasies 😰

  2. marie2

    He has had an affair…or affairs .multipletimes. He has been being sexual with woman other than you and that is haveing an affair. It doesnt matter what type of sex he was haveing if its online or in person he is still being sexually active with other woman besides you and that is betrayal and cheating. I almost divorced my husband when I found out he had been gouig to strip clubs. The betrayal was so painful and deep. Any sexual engagement with another woman is cheating and dont let anyone tell you otherwise because it will slow your healing process. Trust your feelings. You feel betrayed because he was indeed cheating and that needs to be acknowledged so you can grieve and be comforted not argue and battle in your head whether he cheated on you or not and get all hung up and stuck on that. Yes he cheated. And I am soo sorry he was that foolish to throw away his respect for you over slutty nasty skanky whores. He was useing them to satisfy his insecurities at growing older and nothing more. You only use people you dont love. He doesnt love them. He is aroused by the idea that he can get it up and that other woman find him sexually desireable. He will hopefully get over this crisis and I pray that by then your heart will have healed and he will earn back your love. God bless you sweet lady/ I know how bad it hurts just remember those girls are nasty slutty whores and your a woman of integrity and faithfullness. Those are the best qualities in a woman.

  3. Chris

    Totally disagree with the above comment! You already had 2 threesomes to fulfill his needs! Get rid of this unsatisfiable sex freak!! To make your wife you supposedly love share what is meant to be between a man and his wife till death do you part with someone else is disgusting! That is not love! Yes, try new things, dress up, get kinky, whatever you have to do to make it exciting but if wants someone else I’d show him the door! A man that loves you would never want to share you and would never want another woman no matter what. Let him go! Would you want that for your children? Would toy want them to know? If the answer is no then you know you deserve better!


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