I hate this awful man
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I hate this awful man

I have live 32 years with a horrible man, I have wish him to die so many times, that is the only way to end it peacefully he is the most idiot human being on the planet, thank God I got out of the bedroom a few years ago but accused me of not being a wife for not sleeping with him, he is almost 75 years old, and living and kicking like a rock, this is so unfair to me, I cannot take it anymore, I regret ever have let him in my life, I have always work and contribute financially but he always tell me how he has provide a roof for me and my daughters, I hate his ass!!! Why why.. and if I talk divorce he become Jekyll and Mr Hyde he is mean and stupid everything has to be his way, he has no friends and is a workaholic, I don’t remember ever been happy… God please take him ASAP!!

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  1. marie2

    too bad he married a woman who lied to him when she said she would love him for better or owrse for richer or poorer till death do us part. you sound awfully unloveing. he would do well if you would leave so he can have love in his life. Why are you so self centered and selfish?

  2. Catinbag Test

    For the poor woman who’s been married for 32 yes…I hope you find some peace. I have only been w mine for 9 yrs.. we met late in life.. so many times I wish we would never had met at all.
    His health has been decline w Arthritis n possible COPD.
    There are x he is ok.. cannot Divorce it would financial ruin me. I work he can’t.
    Oh well hope things improve for all of us!! At least we can come here

  3. ihatetim

    i sooo understand your situations ladies… I just wish we could get rid of these aholes without having to pay a bundle… god help us.


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