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I was living in mexico for a short time and ended up getting married to the sweetest, caring woman i met. I was in love! Once we got married it was like a light switch went off. She thought she owned me.

One week later after i got married, I decided that i was going out with some friends to have a few drinks. She didnt like it. said “no you cant”. Like f**k im not going out!
I come home are 10pm and this bitch is flipping! came after me like a samurai nija, throwing punches and kicks, I had to take her down in a full nelson till she calm the f**k down. After i tuned her the f**k in, she calmed down a bit. things were good!

About 6 months later we moved to edmonton, f**king bitch started with the complaining about everything.(i basically took this bitvh off the streets in mexico). So i gave her the boot! “get the f**k out of here” she was in a womans home er some shit. She begged me to take her back. said she will change! So i did. 6 months later she was pregnaunt. baby came out and so did the complaining! Hated where we lived. I moved back and forth to mexico 3 times in total, nothing I do can make her happy, Tries to controll me and everything i do, but my nature does not let it go down so we are constantly fighting.

I provide her with a new denali, big house she lives like a f**king rock star and still complains over nothing! Considering she had nothing when we met.
Now its 3 years later, we just had child number 2(yea i know, what was i think on having another one) f**k it happened.
The only thing that is saving us is that i work away 2 weeks and home 2 weeks.

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  1. belinda

    sounds like you are an asshole , first of how can you talk like that about your “wife”, decond soumd slike she is mot happy and must be something you are not doing right, man up and talk to her without bullshits.

  2. dave

    is she a good wife to you? does she take care of you, feed you, and your kids? is she pretty and you still feeling love or not? if so it worth a try but if not just arrange for divorce.

  3. dave

    also you never mention where do you live now? Mexico or where now? she can be homesick, its very very hard to adjust if you are not home everyday. maybe post a picture of her and ill tell you if she is worth it lol

  4. Brenda

    Bipolar, controlling, jealous, or just plain psycho…regardless, the two of you constantly fighting and arguing will affect your children. Either she see a doctor, you both seek counseling, or you two divorce…the bottom line is you have kids and it doesn’t sound like this is a healthy environment for them.


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