I was living in mexico for a short time and ended up getting married to the sweetest, caring woman i met. I was in love! Once we got married it was like a light switch went off. She thought she owned me.

One week later after i got married, I decided that i was going out with some friends to have a few drinks. She didnt like it. said “no you cant”. Like f**k im not going out!
I come home are 10pm and this bitch is flipping! came after me like a samurai nija, throwing punches and kicks, I had to take her down in a full nelson till she calm the f**k down. After i tuned her the f**k in, she calmed down a bit. things were good!

About 6 months later we moved to edmonton, f**king bitch started with the complaining about everything.(i basically took this bitvh off the streets in mexico). So i gave her the boot! “get the f**k out of here” she was in a womans home er some shit. She begged me to take her back. said she will change! So i did. 6 months later she was pregnaunt. baby came out and so did the complaining! Hated where we lived. I moved back and forth to mexico 3 times in total, nothing I do can make her happy, Tries to controll me and everything i do, but my nature does not let it go down so we are constantly fighting.

I provide her with a new denali, big house she lives like a f**king rock star and still complains over nothing! Considering she had nothing when we met.
Now its 3 years later, we just had child number 2(yea i know, what was i think on having another one) f**k it happened.
The only thing that is saving us is that i work away 2 weeks and home 2 weeks.