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I found out my wife was a prostitute


3 years ago I met a girl. She was amazing, made me feel good about myself again so 6 months later we were married.

I started piecing together some things, I started to notice some of her stories never quite matched up or sounded credible. So, I did some investigating into her past, her old friends etc etc. Eventually I came across an ad for sex on a Spanish website. Pictures of her offering her services.

This began to explain a lot, the constant lies, the insecurities (she’s insanely jealous). So, after I confronted was more bullshit, more excuses about not coming clean.

I figured that hey, everyone has a past and thought stupidly that maybe we could make things work. Wrong, I find now that I am totally repulsed by her. I also can’t forgive her for not coming clean before we were married. I would never have continued a relationship with her had I known she had been a hooker.

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  1. Brenda

    I’m so sorry…you’re relationship/ marriage started on a lie, and boy was it a whopper! Have you had yourself tested for STDs and HIV? Considering her prior profession, I would get that done ASAP. I don’t have any advice to help save your marriage, her dirty little secret was unequivocally wrong to keep from you; and to keep her charade going with more lies and untold truths is unconscionable, in my opinion. Good luck, and seriously get yourself tested.


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