My wife is so lazy that she only washes her hair once a week or longer sometimes. Her hair f**kin stinks bad and she doesn’t bathe for days. She is so dam lazy that it pisses me off 2 no end. She does work but comes home after night shift and goes to bed. She used to belong to a gym and then she would go work 8 hours then go to the gym and then come home and straight to bed and the smell would wake me up and I would have to sleep on my side because of the stink. Our house is a friggin pigsty. All she does when she’s home is lay on the f**kin couch and play on her f**kin phone which is like to smash with a hammer. She is the biggest hypocrite also cause anytime I’ve mentioned to go camping she says “why would I live like a dirtball for a week and not have a running water”. Just have to know the situation. I do love her but if I knew she was going to turnout like this b4 I married her I would’ve said NO!!! Her mom is the biggest hoarder around I swear, I hate going to her parents house cause it’s so dirty and you never know what disease your going to catch while your there. All you do at her parents house is stub your toes cause of all the crap everywhere and when I get home I have to shower cause I feel dirty. I throw my socks out cause they absolutely stink and are filthy. We do have 2 great kids and I hate when they go to the in-laws for a sleepover cause one of them always comes home sick or something happens.