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I am going bankrupt support my wife

First of all, I work as a postal worker and earn what I feel is a pretty decent wage. I have been bringing in over $75,000 a year plus I do a few side jobs that bring in another 5-10k some years. The benefits are great but it is obviously not enough to support my princess of the pocketbook. All she does is spend every dollar that comes through the door. I work long hours and get home around 7 to 730 and I swear I am walking into a new home on a weekly basis. It’s the small things, the couch will be a new color. There are new pictures on the wall. She will go to Marshalls and buy all those silly statutes or figurines she finds in the home section. It is impossible to keep up with all her new clothes and new shoes. She has piles of clothes that still have tags and obviously never have been worn. I keep telling myself I love my wife but the amount of stress she puts me under by blowing all our money is killing me. I was reading about the Blake Shelton divorce at work and I just wished I had his money and his issues with his relationship. All my credit cards are now maxed out at 20,000 each and have been just making minimum payments on each. I can’t imagine what is going to happen if we have an emergency or actually need money for something important in our marriage. When I think of other married people problems such as infidelity or some of the other things like the wife getting fat or falling out of love would be a god send in comparison to the financial gorilla that is on my back. I am not sure there is any way to stop my wife with the exception of divorcing her and leaving her with half the debt. Every week I go and play Powerball hoping that it will be the way out of this financial mess. I have tried many times to talk to her about her spending but she just says that it is what she deserves. The sad part is that I feel like I am trapped and that there is nothing to do but MAKE MORE MONEY! I keep wondering if I should start keeping track of the spending or maybe coming up with some sort of contract. The only thing I think she would listen to is divorce papers but I don’t want to go there. Anyway anyone have any thoughts on what I should do?

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  1. Betina

    Buddy I know how you feel. I wish I made the money you do. I am paid unfairly at a State job. My salary doesn’t cover our expenses either. My husband being disabled and in late 60s had become complacent with staying at home and watching TV. He gets SS and that doesn’t barely go to far !! So it falls on me.
    This stresses me out terribly. He can be so difficult to communicate with too.
    I too wish I could divorce. I cannot afford it. My pay would go down.. can’t afford that to happen. So I am trapped too.
    It’s like welcome to the life of suck!
    He gets so wrapped up in his own problems he doesn’t see how unhappy I am.
    As for your situation. Maybe take the credit cards Away. Could you afford to separate?
    Bestvof luck hope something works for you..


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