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Volcano of Shit

I hate my husband! He’s a volcano of shit. He is full of shit and he often erupts leaving nothing but shit and destruction all around him. We’ve been married 8 years. I have been feeling this way for too long. About 3 years now, I have been contemplating on leaving. I left in June, but he coaxed me back on our anniversary. (Uuuuhhhhh) Just the thought of a June Bride makes me so sick.
My husband just became this piece of shit. He got fired from his job of 8 years, he has picked up smoking pot daily, as well as drinking beer and avoiding me and the kids. We have 2.) We had to move, and he has left all the packing and cleaning to me. He just goes as he pleases. I can’t get him away from me. I tried locking him out, he always gets in. He puts all the burden of every aspect of our life, solely on me. My children are heartbroken and do not understand why if he has no job, do they see him less? I really don’t give a shit if he is gone, just as long as I don’t have to see him sitting on the couch, or in the yard drinking. I stole his stash and hid it. I guess he’s been smoking the reef without me and behind my back for 3 months. I have no clue who he is anymore. He has no respect for me, nor I for him. He just calls me a dumb bitch constantly and ignores my pleas for help. I’m drowning in responsibilities while he’s high in the clouds of his volcanic shit eruption. Is this normal for a man in his early 30s? Cause if so, I’m trading him in for a dog. At least the dog might eat their own shit vs leaving it all around for me to take care of or step in. I just turned 30 myself, and I give zero fucks about things the way I used to.

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  1. ihatetim

    welll I feel your pain cuz I hate my partner sooo freaking much.. he does everything he can to get out of holding down a job… he just wants to sit at home and thinks he is a hero for watering the god dam plants!!! or cooks something and thinks that was a big job! he wont pay a single bill and I tried to kick him out but found out he can take half my equity, when he never paid a thing!!! and he wants to say he lived with me a lot longer than he did so he is entitled to even more!!! i want to fight it so bad but it will cost me a bomb! I barely talk to the idiot.. .I hope you can get away.. I am just hoping this idiot will smoke himself to death

    1. Betina

      I feel your pain .my POS thinks he’s the world for doing the landscaping. He is retired on SS and a SMALL ck at that…bitches about 💰…I work n do the best I can..I am unhappy and he’s too wrapped up in his own misery to see it. I hate him. I am very unhappy with our finances… He runs you bills..not really meaning vto but does..
      I get sick of all this BS.
      He is handicapped w health issues..
      I wish God would hurry n take him..
      There are money reasons n our dogs..why I don’t file for divorce.
      I should have when he was still working ..but I tollerate better then..
      Ahh it’s hell


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