Living with my wife is like living with a light switch. She can go from 0 to impossible bitch in 1 second. Come to find out she has BPD. Borderline personality disorder. Problem is I don’t and won’t put up with her shit. It’s like living with an alcoholic never knowing what mood she will be in. And blames everyone for her misery or actions. Honestly I’m really laid back and mello.I almost died from cancer and am on disability. I shop, cook for 5. We split bills. She’s always late blames it on everyone but herself for not moving fast enough or just not getting up. She makes more then me but is constantly broke so bitch when she’s out of smokes. Never apologizes for acting the way she does. Money is her God. I bought a sailboat to live on because I can’t afford rent alone, so looking after my best interest. Big enough for afford to live on then changes her mind and don’t want to now. But was all for it when I sailboat owed her it only cost 1200 afford year rather then 1200 a month. Even though she was all for it and changed her mind she blames me now. So she wants to stay to her job and I want to the world. I think part of the problem is we have no kids together thank god. So I just let her throw her tantrums and figure you can’t clap with one hand. Life’s to short for this unhappy self made misery.that she creates. She’s never going to be happy, and I refuse to be miserable. Divorce or not divorce?