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My Fatal Attraction towards my brother in laws wife

I am going through a strange situation.
I love my family, my wife but have a crush for my wife’s brother’s wife. We are in a relationship for almost 12/13 years. But my wife only came to know when she discovered sent messages in my mobile only last year. My brother in laws wife is much junior to me and is a mom of two children.
We had all sexual fun for innumerable times except intercourse.
It was a terrible situation and I confessed to her and promised not to see her, talk to her or text her again. I was so  obsessed that I again stated contacting her. But as this thing happened within the family so that lady starting acting very reserved. She asked me not to continue. I wrote innumerable texts to her but she never replied to any. She only talked when I called. She is very smart and wants to keep herself in utmost safe situation.
I don’t know why I can’t overcome this attraction.
Very recently when I called her twice she ignored my call. I am really worried if her hubby came to know. Or, might be some unknown reason. Since then I didn’t call or text her.
I am not sure whether she really loves me or just played with me or time has passed with me.

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  1. Team Writer

    If you love your wife and your children you should really not be engaging your brother in law’s wife. It seems that she doesn’t want to contact you anymore and I think that is enough of a sign that she wants to protect her marriage and kids. Try to seek a professional to talk to about this situation before it is too late. You do not want to be the person who destroys TWO families over some lust. Truly take a step back and think do you really love this woman or do you lust her because she is younger and makes you feel good? You mentioned that you loved your wife. That is enough of an answer for this situation. Engage your wife and tell her how much you love her. Try some new things to re-ignite the fire with your wife. It is the right thing to do.

  2. ss

    I never want to see her family in trouble. But I just wanted to keep a good relationship with her. Strange enough she talked almost for an hour over phone and never gave me slightest hints that she won’t respond next time ( after a few days from last call). It made me so much confused that I can’t figure it out what’s really went wrong.I am anxious if her hubby came to know.

  3. ss

    Forgot to add….my wife has stpped going to her brother’s hose since knowing the facts.Earlier she talked all the things under the Sun with her and so she was also. But now both are avoiding each other. I alsohave stopped going to meet her.Though her brother asks his wife repeatedly that why his sister has stopped coming.And each time she said no idea. Interestingly my wife’s elder sister has also stopped talking to that lady. I really didn’t want that the things would be socomplex and weired.
    Trust me I just want everything becomes normal again.


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