Married to this man for over 40 years. He told me 4 years ago that he has been screwing other woman for 15 of those years. No sex with me for 10 years, only his whores. They were all 25 years younger than him. And they brought friends and even sisters. So 4 years ago he says he hasnt been with anyone else in over 5 years and he wants us to become close again, in all ways not just sex. He’s been great. Sex is outstanding, he does all the things I like to do. He’s home every night. Trouble is….I hate him. My whole marriage was a sham, and now its too late for me to do anything with my life. Im 61 years old and afraid of being out there alone. I torture myself with this every minute of every day. Tried counseling…didn’t work. I want to kill all his women and torture him. Truly