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Husband has sex with me while I sleep and now pregnant

My husband keeps trying to have sex with me while I sleep. He did a few months ago and I woke up told him I was ovulating and he better not cum. He agreed not to and I honestly fell back asleep until he did cum and I woke up wet and furious. Big surprise I got pregnant. I had a tumnytuck last year and was done having kids. I’m too old to start all over and am furious with him. I thought I could supress this, but I’m 20 weeks pregnant and can’t stop crying as I’m furious with him. Side note, I’m a model and that’s why I had the tuck and have lost multiple contracts due to pregnancy and I blame him for destroying my career. I get it, I’m pregnant and should be happy and I’m pretending to friends and for my other kids, but I’m mentally miserable. Any advice?

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  1. Donny

    Yes, if you don’t want to have that kid, give it up for adoption or tell your husband that’s his responsibility to take care of that kid like washing him……. Threaten to leave him if he refuses……. You don’t need your husband’s approval as he did it without your consent……. But there’s one more thing if you go on modeling assignments then there is a more chance that you will get involve with another man as now you are angry and in a vulnerable position, so have a counseling after your delivery…….. Because you need to drain out that anger…….. And tell your husband that how much you are angry with him………… It’s now his responsibility to take 80% of caring of that child
    . After delivery avoid going out with another man for a while…….. As you are angry, there’s a great chance you will stray in your marriage…..


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