I HATE my Husband so much i want him dead. He uses everyone he can. He plays the poor me I am old and have health problems. But in real life he makes mine and my kids lives a living hell. He can not hold a job for more than 6 months. It is never his fault it is the company or his bosses fault. I worked for 15 years till i had a bad accident and landed in a wheelchair. The whole time he was cheating on me, blackmailing my 16 year old son for money. when i can home he told me because i couldn’t work we had no money to live on and it was my fault. He has always controlled all the money so i believed him. I found out a year ago he has credit cards, he has a bank account my name is not on any of these. I want to leave but i have no money he is verbally abusive. He said i could live on the streets because that is all i am worth. He takes his “friends” out to dinner but we have food from the food bank because he will not buy grocery’s. he just bought him self a new watch for 100.00 but we can not afford food or new clothes unless we work and buy it our selves. I get disability i don’t have a bank account so it goes into his and it is just his. I want out or him DEAD now. I have no one to talk to he has driving all my friends and kids away.