Hi, I’ve been married to my wife for 3 and a half years. I should of seen the warning signs but I thought it was just she loved me a lot. Out of 40 months together I’d say 10 were good. She picks fights with me and they are all over jealousy. If we are in the car and I happen to look at the woman crossing the street, or look in my rearview mirror. Or in Church she picks fights because I looked at the Pastors wife (who was singing!), where else can I look. If I don’t txt her everyday and tell her I love her, big fight. If I talk to the teacher at school she thinks I am trying to pick her up. My sons from a previous marriage come over with their girlfriends, I can’t look at the girls because I will be accused of wanting them…sick. I went on a ski trip with my older sons once and couldn’t answer my cell when she was calling (only because I was driving in a snow storm) she accused me of being at a party with my teenage boys! I am in my 50’s! After she picks a fight and I am really upset, blood pressure up etc…then she asks for forgiveness and starts groping me, trying to kiss me, grabbing me etc…I give in to her so she will get away from me. I have forgiven her at least 100 times. This time I am sticking to my guns. I am turned off by her. I don’t want to forgive her anymore, I resent her now. I still love her yes I think so…BUT…I don’t want to live with her anymore. She says she has changed and promises it won’t happen again, but I feel done. BUT I am feeling sad also. I need to stay strong. Please advise!