He’s a selfish loser asshole! When he leaves I secretly hope he gets in a wreck and dies so my daughter and I can be free of him. I quit working because I couldn’t stand the thought of my kid going to daycare (still can’t) so until she is old enough to be home alone I am stuck with his sorry abusive ass. He constantly criticizes me and everything is my fault! He makes fun of the way I fold laundry, load the dishwasher, bathe my kid, hell he even criticizes the way I roll down the bag in the cereal box. Not sure how I ever survived without his helpful critiques. I made the horrible offense of setting something on top of his tube of toothpaste which put a crease in it and he went on and on about. I am not even kidding. I should have asked him if that crease meant it would no longer prevent tooth decay, what an asshole. I am in therapy and honestly embarrassed to tell my therapist half of what he says because she probably already wonders why I don’t just leave him. Last week she told me I am in a domesticly abusive relationship. I. Cried. I try to shield my kid from him as much as possible and worry about how his behavior is affecting her, maybe she’d be better off at daycare. But I’d have to share custody because even tho I can leave him she can’t and he’d make my life hell thru her. He’d do everything in his power to alienate her from me and I couldn’t bare it so I will just go on wishing he’d die. I’m trapped!