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Posted by on 14 February

I hate my husband

He’s a selfish loser asshole! When he leaves I secretly hope he gets in a wreck and dies so my daughter and I can be free of him. I quit...
0 0 13 14 February, 2018 Husband Bashing more
Posted by on 12 January

My Toxic Jealous wife.

Hi, I’ve been married to my wife for 3 and a half years. I should of seen the warning signs but I thought it was just she loved me a...
0 6 43 12 January, 2018 Wife Bashing more
Posted by on 21 December

Spoiled Wife

I found out I had married my wife, her father, her mother and her brother (brother lived with us). I worked part time and went to Bradley University part time....
1 0 19 21 December, 2017 Liars & Cheats more

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