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Posted by on 12 June

Fat Wife

Gettin’ sick of Tubbo gettin’ fatter ‘n fatter by the day. She’s 5’2″ and weighed 107 when I met her. Now she’s tippin’ the scales at a significantly higher number....
0 3 19 12 June, 2017 Wife Bashing more
Posted by on 04 June

She teased me too often

!!WARNING!!! The content on this page is for mature audiences only. Clicking this link will load content that contains sexually explicit material and adult language. Ain’t MIL great, mine was...
0 0 75 04 June, 2017 Husband Confessions more
Promiscuous husband
Posted by
28 May

Promiscuous husband

I’ve been married to my husband for 18 yrs. Our marriage has been rock solid and we were each other’s best friend until 3 yrs ago when I found out...
0 5 66 28 May, 2017 Husband Bashing more
Big lazy loser
Posted by
18 May

Big lazy loser

Met my now husband years ago. He had a job, went to school, and seemed ambitious. However, after our marriage I noticed discrepancies in his stories and his finances. Turns...
0 2 31 18 May, 2017 Husband Bashing more

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