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Separated but married
Posted by
29 June

Separated but married

My wife and i separated a year a go and i up and left to Kentucky, reason i left was the way she was treating me,in front of friends and...
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Posted by on 23 June


My husband gave all our savings away to his so called friends,tells me to drop dead and die,expects me to clean up his his dirty bed and settee after he...
0 1 22 23 June, 2017 Husband Bashing more
Nag Bitch Complaining
Posted by
19 June

Nag Bitch Complaining

I have been Married or I should say now in prison of a bad Marriage. You try to be nice but I find it harder to be nice. In example....
0 3 73 19 June, 2017 Wife Bashing more
Posted by on 12 June

Fat Wife

Gettin’ sick of Tubbo gettin’ fatter ‘n fatter by the day. She’s 5’2″ and weighed 107 when I met her. Now she’s tippin’ the scales at a significantly higher number....
0 3 34 12 June, 2017 Wife Bashing more

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