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Posted by on 30 September

Bad Body Odor

I have been married going on 22 years. Several times I have tried to delicately mention “you have BO”. She does not shower or bath regularly. Her excuses continue to...
0 1 54 30 September, 2017 Marriage Life more
Posted by on 23 September

Love or comfort?

My husband is a critical person anyways but I have found that he constantly bad mouths me to his friends. If he is so unhappy why cant he say it...
0 0 35 23 September, 2017 Liars & Cheats more
Posted by on 23 September

My family or my husband

I have been with my husband for over 10 years. We don’t have children together. Our relationship has had its ups and downs over the years. Nothing ever physical. Just...
0 0 36 23 September, 2017 Marriage & Family more
Posted by on 23 September

Volcano of Shit

I hate my husband! He’s a volcano of shit. He is full of shit and he often erupts leaving nothing but shit and destruction all around him. We’ve been married...
0 2 53 23 September, 2017 Husband Bashing more
Trapped any direction I pull
Posted by
10 August

Trapped any direction I pull

18 years together and 2 amazing young kids. Had so many experiences – laughter and tears. She lied when I had suspicions, but then late one night I found the...
0 3 165 10 August, 2017 Wife Bashing more

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