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Posted by on 01 November

My wife has bad breath would it be mean for me to tell her?

My wife has bad breath. I don't know if I should tell her or if I shouldn't. I don't want to hurt her feelings but her halitosis is really bad. I've even overheard a couple of friends of hers talking about her behind her back saying her breath smells like feces. The sad truth is it kinda does.
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Posted by on 31 October

I’m not sure if I hate my husband or if I’m just hurt and angry

Sometimes I feel like I hate my husband but then other times I don't feel the hatred. I don't really ever feel love though even when I don't feel hate. The only strong emotion I ever feel is pure unadulterated hatred, but that only happens sometimes. Otherwise, even though I don't feel love I'm content with him. We get along and can laugh together. I guess I could say we're friends except for those times when I hate him. So could it just be that I'm so hurt and angry that I feel like I hate him
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